Dr. Hanna Maria Hanna

Gynaecologist and obstetrician. She was born 1987 in Konstanz, Germany, and was raised there.

She studied medicine from 2006 to 2012 at the University of Heidelberg.

She started her specialist training in 2013 at the University Hospital of Frankfurt and continued it in 2015 at the City of Karlsruhe hospital. After passing her exam as a gynaecological specialist, she worked at the gynaecological outpatient clinic of the City of Karlsruhe hospital, looking after dysplasia patients as well as patients with infertility.

Even in her first years of training, she became familiar with the field of reproductive medicine. In Karlsruhe, she deepened her knowledge of the treatment of infertile patients. She also performed surgical interventions for the diagnosis of infertility.

By joining the Heidelberg infertility clinic, she is coming full circle both professionally and privately, since she now has the chance to work in her preferred field as well as returning to her beloved student town of Heidelberg.


In her free time, she loves pursuing sports, meeting friends and travelling with her husband.